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Burglar Alarms and Security Systems Lexden

Our comprehensive range of burglar alarms and security systems in Lexden has been keeping our domestic and commercial clients safe for more than 20 years. With our high quality products and exceptional level of customer service you are guaranteed to experience an unparalleled feeling of safety and security, knowing that your property is in safe hands. Panther have been working throughout Lexden, Essex and Suffolk for many years and we also have contracts with many large national companies around the UK. We have a team of experts on hand, ready to install cost efficient burglar alarms, CCTV and many other security systems that will improve the protection of your home or business premises.

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Areas we cover include Little Tey, Maldon and beyond!

Panther provide a monitored security system that enables quick police response

Monitored security systems are a great way to protect your property, as audible alarms are designed to scare the criminals away and this is not always the best way to ensure damage is kept to a minimum. Instead, it is highly recommended by Panther, the police and insurers that you link up your security system to an Alarm Receiving Centre. Also known as an ARC, this will inform officers when there has been an intrusion at your home or business and they can quickly arrive on the scene, often within a few minutes. By minimising the time criminals spend uninterrupted at your property, there is less chance of your belongings being removed or damaged.

Choose from a range of burglar alarms and security system in Lexden:

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