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Access Control effectively and efficiently secures your property, building and assets via a convenient electronic system. Our flexible services mean that the Panther Security team are able to cater for any sized project; whether you have a single user or hundreds of users, our basic systems can serve you perfectly well.

Basic access control

We offer a wide range of basic solutions which are ideal for the following clients:

  • Retail – Single-door access control systems
  • Small Businesses – Web-based access control
  • Offices – Web-based access control
  • Schools – Photo ID badge system for visitors

Complex access control

Panther Security also provide a selection of complex solutions:

  • Multiple location security and access which is monitored from an integrated command centre
  • Smart card technology used for visitor management to authenticate visitors entering and exiting high security areas
  • A centrally managed system for big warehouses that have multiple shipping and receiving areas

What are the benefits of having access control installed?

With an effective access control system in place, you are able to increase the level of safety in the workplace, reducing your risk of premise liability. This also minimises loss through burglary of theft as you are given the opportunity to track access in and out of your premises.

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Our trained security specialists will discuss your requirements in great detail with you and plan out a system which we believe will be best for environment. Monitor your property to keep out unauthorised persons and choose from many features specifically designed with your safety in mind.

We are experts on security, alarms and access control system installation in Essex

The Panther Security team has years of experience working across various industries and our priority is helping keep companies of any size secure. With our broad range of electronic access control solutions you can control who has access to your facilities so get in touch with us today to arrange installation.

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